Liberty Power Washing LLC

Our Services

We provide Service to the Colorado Springs and greater Colorado Springs area. We provide Window cleaning, Deck cleaning, Exterior Structure Cleaning, Fence cleaning, House de-oxidation, Graffiti removal, Sealer application, Driveway/pathway cleaning and Power Equipment Cleaning. We are motivated to become our client's one-stop shop for all cleaning needs. If it is within our capabilities and scope of work, we will accomplish the mission. We provide on-site cleaning for all of our services.

Quick Pricing Reference:

Power washing House (Exterior): $450-$1,500

Power washing Patio: $450-$1,500

Power washing Deck: $450-$1,500

Power washing Walkway/driveway: $400-$4,000

Power washing Fencing one side: $450-$2,000

Power washing Fencing both sides: $750-$4,000

Fence Sealer Application: $500-$1,500

Deck sealer application: $500-$1,500

Siding oxidation removal: $750-$6,000

Graffiti removal: $500-$6,000

Equipment Cleaning: $150-$1,500

Solar Panel Cleaning (3'x5'): $50 per panel

If there are any other services we did not list, please contact us and ask for an on-site quote or a quote over the phone. All estimates and quotes are free.

Veterans/Active military and first responders will receive a 10% discount upon verifying identity and service related paperwork. No exceptions.

Customer is subject to an extra cost associated with chemical uses. Customer will pay at cost pricing for chemicals. Application will be included with labor costs. Invoices will be billed within 48 hours after work/service is complete. Invoice is expected to be paid in full within 10 business days from service completion. Make checks payable to "Liberty Power Washing LLC"